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By Julie Dodd, Jun 12 2020 01:19PM

I have just entered the TOwardTOmorrow art competition on Instagram. I've created a little animation of bleaching coral. Take a look and see what you think!

By Julie Dodd, May 30 2020 05:00PM

I am excited with the new 'canvas' I have discovered. My husband hads been trimming the hollyhedge right back and I have found a use for it! Slicing the branched up has created the perfect cross sections onwhich to paint cross sections! The finished products are really versitile too, being laid flat and on their side, being stacked or wall mounted.

You will be able to find them in the purchasing section shortly.

By Julie Dodd, May 28 2020 05:55PM

I've spent the last few days painting and phptgraphing more pores paintings, drawing over teh top with coloured pens. I have really enjoyed creating these but with so many ways of being able to use the pens I think I will be experimenting for quite a while to see what I can get out of them.

By Julie Dodd, May 23 2020 04:30PM

I've been experimenting with pencil over the top of my paintings. I don't know why I haven't thought about it before because I produce my Little Books of pores in this way and whilst making one it occured to me that I could produce a very delicate version of my paintings in this way too. I've been recording the process through timelaps. Once I have put the photographs together I will be posting them on all social media platforms I am on. For now take a look at the results.

By Julie Dodd, Apr 20 2020 06:34PM

I will be releasing these earlier than planned, just some editing to do first. It seems that under our current circumstances they may be of some use now rather than later. I hope they will keep you busy and creative!

By Julie Dodd, Apr 8 2020 07:00PM

I such a worrying time I have been struggling to be inspired enough by anything to produce any work. I thought long and hard about this and decided to return to my pores style painting.

As a starting point I have been producing tree pores paintings in the shape of my apple tree. From this ideas are just starting to emerge so watch this space!

By Julie Dodd, Mar 1 2020 06:00AM

Over the Summer I will be releasing a series of videos showing a selction of my workshops which I have been recently working on. Lots of editing to do but in the meantime I will post up a list of what's going to be available very soon.